We specialise in cleaning accommodation and rental properties, and general house cleaning services.


Maintaining and improving the garden on your property so you can focus on other things.


Need someone with the tools and skills for small repairs around the house? We've got you covered.


All The Property Services You Need For Clean, Comfortable And Safe SpacesMt Buller Cleaning Services

Whether you were born and bred in or around Mansfield and Mt Buller or are currently in the area for business or the holidays, you can be assured of a clean, comfortable and safe experience thanks to our top-quality, specialised property services.

Every property needs a little tender loving care — we stand by this belief. And we go out of our way to make sure that any property, be it residential, commercial or industrial, receives the same level of attention and care that will keep residents and visitors coming back to excellently maintained spaces.

Our team at TLC Property Services is fully insured, trained to perform the right tasks, and equipped with the appropriate gear to address any property maintenance issue you need resolved. Take a look at our roster of comprehensive property services and discover the transformation and consistency that only the highest standards in property maintenance can bring.

Property Maintenance

On and off mountain, all year round, TLC Property Services specialises in providing the lodge services you need. No job is too big or too small, as we understand that every task contributes to the smooth operations of your business. Changing and laundering beddings, cleaning windows and chimneys, maintaining wood and water supplies, painting, repairing, fitting appliances, making building alterations, delivering goods, engaging tradespeople — you name it, we get it done.

Whether you’re running a bed and breakfast or a holiday house, an industrial or commercial property, a simple call or email sent to us will fetch you the solutions you need right away.

Cleaning Services

It doesn’t matter if it’s the house where you live, the office where you work every day, or the hotel room you’re staying in for the weekend — the space you occupy is always more comfortable, inviting, efficient and engaging when it’s spotless. And spotless it will be, with the help of the best cleaners Mansfield and the surrounding areas will ever meet. We can provide fully qualified cleaners for houses and commercial properties who can take care of general cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and rubbish removal.

Handyman Services

There’s always something a handyman can do to improve the condition of your house, accommodations, or commercial spaces. Ring us for our handyman services and we’ll fix you up with the best men for the job. They can perform minor repairs or renovations, install fencing, repair driveways, and other types of general labour that help keep your property running smoothly.

Gardening Services

Who doesn’t love a healthy, flourishing garden? Keep your little patch of green thriving all year long with TLC Property Services’ gardening expertise. We’ll prune, weed, mow the lawn, perform brush cutting, operate chainsaws, and get other general gardening duties done in no time. Your home, rental property, holiday house or property for sale will be sure to turn heads — that’s the effect you can expect from our highly skilled, nature-loving gardeners.

Clean, functional, and beautiful inside and out — that’s what your property can become, with a little tender loving care from TLC Property Services.

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