Property Services Advice: Essential Steps To Take To Reduce Fire Risk On Your Rural Property

Mansfield Property ServiceIt is wonderful to live in an area where you have magnificent views of the mountain, have access to grasslands or shrublands, and the forest — well, it is just a short hike away. Living in such an environment can do wonders for your health and wellbeing. But with the benefits also come certain risks. And that risk is usually the devastation of a great big fire.

From bushfires to grass fires, your rural property may be at risk for such hazards. But there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of fire. Consider the following tips from a professional property services.

Be aware of factors that contribute to or intensify wildfires. Among these are fuels and weather. Weather may be out of your hands, but fuels you can certainly control or manage. Fuels are not only limited to propane tanks; they can also include brush, trees, grass, and other plants that may be more flammable than other plants.

You’ll want to limit the presence of fuels in your property. Because even when the fire is happening from a great distance to your property, a simple gust of wind could blow embers and ignite plants and other flammable vegetation your way. If you have piles of wood just scattered about your property, this could also act as fuel, spreading the fire in your property with greater intensity.

So the best thing to prevent such disasters is to keep your rural property maintained. Experts in rural property maintenance can remove plants or other vegetation that may be flammable. Trees that overextend or branches that hang over the roof of your home may be trimmed to avert and contain the fire. Shrubs will also have to be pruned. Dead branches, stems, and leaves will be taken off and outof your property.

And your grass, be it irrigated or native, will be mowed at just the right height. Rural property maintenance services will know that mowing should be done on days with high humidity and/or after recent moisture. Mowing dry grass, especially where there are stones, could ignite a fire.

Essentially, the areas closest to your home will require significant maintenance to reduce the risk of fire. Maintenance work may also be reduced when you have planned your rural property well. For instance, it is not advisable to plant directly under windows and to plant more trees near your home or other structures around your rural property.

To know more about preventing or mitigating the risk of fires, enquire about property maintenance services today.

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