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Property Maintenance Services Provide The Tender Loving Care Your Home Needs.

Keeping your property in order and in good condition can be lifetime responsibility, but it also provides a lifetime of benefits. If you’re living in it, a house in order equates to a clearer, more focused state of mind. If you intend to sell or make income out of it, maintaining a well-kept property is an absolute essential for your business.

The main objective of investing in proper property maintenanceis not perfection, although achieving a pristine state is always a bonus for many owners. What you’re really after is a home that’s safe and healthy to live in, beautiful to look at, and purposeful in design. It’s not an easy task, that’s why most property owners prefer to get help from professionals offering property maintenance services to save time, make the work more efficient,and ensure excellent, long-lasting results.

Property Care the TLC Way

What makes our team here at TLC Property Services & Property Maintenance different from all other companies offering similar services out there? It may be the top-notch specialist skills and customer service training that our qualified staff goes through on a regular basis. It may be the fact that we always come fully equipped and insured for every job. It may be the impeccable standards that we have set as a bar for our work.

But perhaps the most important factor that sets us apart from the rest is our orientation: we strive to see each property through the eyes of the owner. This makes our commitment and inspiration as strong as yours to make each home, rental property, holiday house, bed and breakfast, commercial or industrial propertyas pleasurable a place to live, work and rest in as it can be. Now that’s genuine TLC.

The Rewards of Commercial Property and Home Maintenance

  • It makes good financial sense. You avoid costly problems by preventing early damage and addressing small issues before they require bigger and costlier repair or replacement.
  • It protects the market value of your property. Your property value increases over time if it remains visually appealing and structurally strong.
  • You get to enjoy your space. You achieve peace of mind from knowing that your property offers you, your family, or your guests a secure, safe and private place to stay in.
  • You save time and energy. Cleaning a home or investigating for damages or issues may seem like a never-ending task, but you don’t have to do all the dirty work – in fact, you shouldn’t. Leave it to the hands of the professionals to get the job done in half the time and with pro-level results.

Solutions You Can Get From TLC Property Services & Property Maintenance

Keep your property spic and span with the following property maintenance services: Cleaning services, handyman services, general labour work, gardening services and lawn mowing services.

Take advantage of our specialist lodge services for year-round, on- and off-mountain property care: Cleaning, laundering and changing of bedding, delivery of goods, stocking lodges, chimney and window cleaning, wood and water supply, painting, repairs, gardening services, building alterations, smoke detectors checking and light fittings replacement, bond and maintenance inspection reports, fitting of appliances and emergency repairs, tradespeople contracting and more.

Make holiday and accommodation property upkeep hassle-free by investing in our complete property maintenance services designed for the following establishments: rental property, holiday house, bed and breakfast, commercial or industrial property.

Business as Usual as Local Cleaning Business Gets Some New TLC

Open For Business

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: TLC’s new owners (from left) Prue holding Alexandra and Glen holding Luke Payne outside their new home and business centre.

TLC Property Services has been a part of the Mansfield business scene for many years, offering a wide range of contract cleaning and maintenance services.

But now the business itself is getting its own dose of tender loving care, with new owners Prue and Glen Payne having recently purchased the business from Kris Humphrey.

Prue and Glen and their three and a half year old twins, Luke and Alexandra, purchased the business and moved up from Newport, Melbourne in June to prepare for the July 1 handover.

People driving or walking along Malcolm Street would be familiar with the TLC sign outside 34 Malcolm Street, but will notice a new sign next door at number 32.

In one of the simplest business relocation exercises ever, Kris literally handed everything over the fence to her new neighbours who will live and operate TLC right next door.

Prue explained: “It was very easy doing the changeover, and our place has almost exactly the same layout as Kris’ house.

“And to make it even easier, the TLC contact details (phone and email) will stay the same.” Asked what brought the family to Mansfield, Prue said: “My family has been holidaying in the Mansfield area for 40 years, with a place at Mac’s Cove, then my mum (Ruth Ferguson) moved here permanently, 15 years ago.

“Six months ago, my sister Penne Mietus, who is an Osteopath, then moved here, and we followed, attracted by the wonderful lifestyle that Mansfield offers.”

Glen is a carpenter/ builder, and Prue has a background in event management, so the couple plan to expand the services offered by TLC, which currently includes domestic and commercial cleaning, mowing, and chimney sweeping, by having a handyman service as well.

“We want to grow the business, and expand our contractor base to offer the best range of cleaning and maintenance services to the Mansfield area and Mt Buller,” said Prue.

With their young family, and plenty of excitement and enthusiasm from the tree change, TLC Property Services is indeed getting its own dose of “TLC” as a new era begins for the family and the business.

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